Coloured Classical Guitar Strings by Ziko


Six strings, six colours! Add a twist of fun to your classical performances with a vivid set of multicoloured classical guitar strings.

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Simply hearing that crisp, natural tone ring from a classical guitar is enough to get the heart racing – whether you are captivating an audience with a traditional concerto, accompanying a talented vocalist, or playing an energetic Spanish flamenco outside the Royal Palace of Madrid!

Give this iconic instrument the attention it deserves by adding a set of colourful classical guitar strings from Ziko.

This striking set of high-quality strings comprises three copper-wound strings (red, orange and yellow) and three nylon strings (violet, blue and green) to deliver brilliant colours from across the spectrum that are certain to catch the eye.

Each string is made with high-quality materials for a professional feel, solid tuning stability, and a warm, well-balanced tone. The extra-light gauge makes all aspects of playing a real pleasure.

Guitar teachers find these coloured strings are perfect for lessons, allowing an easier and more fun way to teach beginners and children their first notes and chords.

The strings come presented in an attractive wooden box, which adds a little extra elegance to this set. For this reason, this special set makes an excellent gift for any classical guitarist.

Coloured classical guitar strings from Ziko – perfect for recording, performing, teaching, and practising.

+ Six vibrant colours – red, orange, yellow, violet, blue and green
+ Includes six high-quality strings, comprising three copper-wound strings and three nylon strings
+ Extra-light gauge for easy playability
+ Arrives in an attractive wooden box, with strings protected in a single aluminium foil bag
+ Reliable and durable
+ Ideal for performing, recording and making lessons great fun!

note inch mm colour
E-1st 0.285 0.72 green
B-2nd 0.325 0.83 blue
G-3rd 0.41 1.04 violet
D-4th 0.30 0.76 yellow
A-5th 0.36 0.91 orange
E-6th 0.44 1.12 red


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