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Colourful Classical Guitar Strings by Alice

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Item Excerpt:

Enchant the audience and truly stand out, with a set of beautiful coloured strings for your classical guitar.

Item Description

Whether you’re playing Canon in D for friends, or enchanting a crowded concert hall with a passionate rendition of Asturias, enhance your performance with a set of beautiful colourful classical guitar strings from Alice.

This special set includes three nylon strings (pink, green and black) and three coated-copper alloy-wound strings (blue, yellow and red), offering a wonderful rainbow effect that will mesmerize your audience.

With a clear, warm and consistent tone, these reliable strings deliver both brilliant sound and visuals, for the guitarist who takes his music seriously.

Adding colour also increases the string durability – the unique technology we use to colour our strings contains patented anti-rusting properties, ensuring they last 4-5 times longer than a regular set, holding their bright, clean sound for months.

These strings are also perfect for guitar teachers, who use the colours to help guide students through lessons – offering a simplified and more satisfying way to teach.

Colourful classical guitar strings – excellent for recording, performing, teaching, and practicing.

+ Six brilliant colours – pink, green, black, blue, yellow and red
+ Includes 3 nylon and 3 coated copper alloy-wound strings
+ Patented anti-rusting properties
+ Reliable and durable
+ Great for performing, recording or teaching

note inch mm colour
E-1st 0.28 0.71 pink
B-2nd 0.32 0.81 green
G-3rd 0.40 1.02 black
D-4th 0.30 0.76 blue
A-5th 0.35 0.89 yellow
E-6th 0.43 1.09 red