Colourful Electric Guitar Strings by Alice


Supercharge your riffs and set the stage alight, with a set of awesome coloured strings for your electric guitar.

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Rock, punk and heavy metal – from blistering shredding to crunching powerchords, it’s music that makes a real statement.

Make your own statement and give your gigs some added bite by stringing your favourite axe with a vibrant set of colourful electric guitar strings from Alice.

This special set includes three colourful coated-copper alloy-wound strings (red, yellow, and green) and three naturally-coloured stainless steel strings, helping you make a real visual impact.

With a distinct, bright tone and excellent intonation, these reliable strings keep sounding great – whether playing clean, or with the heaviest distortion and the volume cranked to 11!

While you’re shredding away, you can be confident that our strings will last. The unique technology we use to colour our strings contains patented anti-rusting properties which increase durability, ensuring they last 4-5 times longer than a regular set.

These strings are also perfect for electric guitar teachers, as the colours can help make chords easier to explain – lessons are easier and more fun, for students and teachers alike.

Excellent for: recording, performing, teaching, and practicing.

+ Three bright colours – red, yellow and green
+ Includes 3 coated copper alloy-wound strings and 3 stainless steel strings
+ All strings have a gold-plated ball-end
+ Patented anti-rusting properties
+ Reliable and durable
+ Great for performing, recording or teaching

note inch mm colour
E-1st 0.09 0.23 steel
B-2nd 0.11 0.28 steel
G-3rd 0.16 0.41 steel
D-4th 0.24 0.61 red
A-5th 0.32 0.81 yellow
E-6th 0.42 1.07 green


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Dimensions 11.5 × 13.5 × 1.2 cm


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