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Colourful Ukulele Strings by Spock

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Item Excerpt:

Bring a little Hawaiian paradise to your home – add a set of vibrant rainbow strings to your ukulele today!

Item Description

Think of Hawaii – the glorious beaches, the hula skirts, and the playful sound of the ukulele. It’s the music that defines a whole island.

And whether you’re a casual ukulele player or a serious musician, a set of colourful ukulele strings from Spock won’t let you down.

These are no ordinary strings – made with the highest grade materials, they are incredibly light and playable, but durable enough for extended use.

Compatible with most acoustic ukuleles, Spock’s nylon strings have great elasticity and a bright tone, and are also vibrantly coloured (green, yellow, red and blue) to add an extra dimension to your performances – whether playing on the beach or the bus!

These strings are also perfect for ukulele teachers, who use the colours to highlight specific strings to their students, making their lessons both easier and more fun.

Colourful Ukulele Strings from Spock – excellent for recording, performing, teaching, and practicing.

+ Four fun colours – green, blue, yellow and red
+ Includes 4 nylon strings
+ Compatible with most ukuleles
+ Light and durable