Colourful Ukulele Strings (Soprano) by Alice


Breathe life into your ukulele performances with a vivid set of coloured strings – guaranteed to catch the eye!

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With such a bright and happy sound, the soprano ukulele is an instrument that can instantly conjure up images of a Hawaiian paradise – you can almost taste the ice-cold Mai Tai and feel the sand between your toes!

This radiant set of coloured strings from Alice is guaranteed to illuminate any soprano ukulele, whether you are a complete beginner taking your first lessons or a seasoned professional performing on stage.

Each pack includes four different coloured strings, comprising orange, green, crimson, and navy, creating a vibrant rainbow effect that truly catches the attention of your audience.

These ukulele strings are produced to a high standard, using quality nylon for easy playability, secure tuning stability, and long-lasting durability.

The result is a gorgeous playing experience and a tone that’s perfectly balanced between warm and bright. It’s the classic sound of Hawaii!

In addition to delivering an aesthetically pleasing performance, these strings are excellent for beginners, as well as children just taking their first steps in music. We recommend the strings are handled and changed by an adult, before allowing your child to enjoy the pleasure these strings can bring.

Colourful ukulele strings from Alice – excellent for recording, performing, teaching, and practising.

+ Four vibrant colours – orange, green, crimson, and navy
+ Includes four durable synthetic nylon strings
+ Compatible with soprano ukuleles (from 21” to 26”)
+ Offers a rich, balanced, and happy tone
+ Perfect for performing, recording, and adding fun to beginner lessons!

note inch mm colour
A-1st 0.24 0.60 orange
E-2nd 0.30 0.77 green
C-3rd 0.36 0.92 crimson
G-4th 0.26 0.65 navy


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Dimensions 11.0 × 11.2 × 0.3 cm


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