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Colourful Electric Bass Strings by Alice

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Item Excerpt:

Bassists – don’t stay in the shadows! Add an extra dimension to your performance, with a set of vibrant coloured strings for your electric bass.

Item Description

Great bassists like Sting, Lemmy and Paul McCartney all had something in common. They were famous front men to their bands – bassists who didn’t want to stay in the shadows.

And if you want to steal the show with your bass, try a set of bright, colourful electric bass strings from Alice.

The four coloured strings – green, red, yellow and blue – feature a hexagonal core and are wound with high electromagnetic copper alloy for equal vibration and a warm, consistent tone, whether you use your fingers or a pick.

These reliable strings deliver the deep but clear bass tone that provides stability to your band – helping you keep the rhythm and your fellow musicians in sync.

By adding colour we increase the durability of the strings – the unique technology we use to colour our strings contains patented anti-rusting properties, ensuring they last 4-5 times longer than a regular set, holding a clean sound for months.

These strings are also perfect for bass guitar teachers, who use the colours to help guide students through lessons – making both teaching and learning easier and more satisfying.

Colourful electric bass strings – excellent for recording, performing, teaching, and practicing.

+ Four vibrant colours – green, red, yellow and blue
+ Includes 4 nickel alloy-wound strings with hexagonal core
+ All strings have a nickel-plated ball-end
+ Patented anti-rusting properties
+ Reliable and durable
+ Great for performing, recording or teaching